Encamisada, coming soon!

Encamisada ventures as the first skirmish wargame with miniatures from the Liber Militum series. This rulebook aims to cover the fight in the age of pike and musket, covering not those great battles expressed in the famous oil paintings, but at the smaller scale of skirmishes.

Although Liber Militum: Encamisada has as an inspiring origin int the characteristic skirmishes that arise in the European western front, it is perfectly valid for other scenarios of the time. Besides being able to recreate the endless struggle of Protestants against Catholics in Flanders, we can transport ourselves to the Christian frontier with the Ottoman Empire, the Russian steppes or even the early conquest of America.

As with Tercios, there is a complete version of the game “Liber Militum” (available soon) and a lighter version, “Brevis Editio”. This Brevis Editio will be fully functional and fully compatible with the other rulebook: the rules are the same. Only additional content is added in the Liber Militum:

Factions: In the Liber Militum version it will be possible to choose a Faction for our company. By doing so, we will apply the rules of each, with restrictions and benefits. There is an important number of Factions, giving us great freedom of personalization.

Campaign: Probably the most attractive addition is the possibility of playing a campaign. Different alternative methods are added in order to manage it, including sample maps.

Progression: We have a system of experience progression for campaigns, with which we can improve our Captain and the Company.

Scenarios: In the full version we have several extra scenarios: storming a cannon, ambushes or assaults in which civilians are involved are some of them.

Background: More historical background information is provided for the factions and for the different troop types.

Multiplayer: Rules for games with 3 or more players